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Evenings with friends and entertainment

In view of winter, it is necessary to plan fun activities to do with friends when it is cold outside. But also a rainy spring evening or a summer evening after a busy day will whet the desire to stay at home.

A movie on TV, an original dinner, action video games: when the company is the right one, you can have fun wherever you are.

Especially after the age of 30, many times the desire to cuddle and laze at home prevails over that of going out and partying until late, especially in winter. But what to do, for example, on Saturday nights with friends? How to have fun at home? What are the best things to do in company? And if you are not in a group, what can two of you do at home?

Well, the invitation is made and the guests confirmed. Here’s what you could do together.

1. Watch a movie or TV series

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With streaming services and devices like Netflix, a marathon of your favorite TV series couldn’t be easier and more fun. You could also propose it with a seasonal theme: if it’s almost Halloween, watch one of the most iconic horror films or if it’s almost Christmas one of the cult films of the holidays.

For the occasion, a high definition television cannot be missing. There are numerous shops where you can make a purchase in all convenience.

2. Video game tournament

Xbox or Playstation? What matters is the choice of the right video games: that they are exciting and action-packed! Add originality to the tournament: turn it into a “drinking game” with winners and losers.

3. Board games, what a passion

There are so many fun board games: the classic Monopoly, Pictionary or Cluedo to name a few. You could ask each of your friends to bring their favorite board game so they can share it with yours. Whatever the game, the goal is to laugh together.

4. Picnic on the mat

A picnic worthy of its name but on the carpet in the living room. Make the scene just like an outdoor picnic: bowls of fruit, snacks, sandwiches and plenty of juice. A good bottle of wine or freshly tapped beer could complete the ‘menu’.

You could also decide on a theme together and make sure all snacks, items and decorations fit perfectly.

5. Plan a trip

Make yourself comfortable, over a good dinner and plan your next trip together. Guide to attractions, itineraries, restaurants and shops not to be missed: don’t overlook any detail.

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6. Cooking and experimenting with new recipes

Are you passionate about cooking? Experienced cooks? Or, better yet, totally denied the stove?

Well: what better occasion to enjoy in groups in delicious and highly experimental recipes, and discover new original flavors or – at worst – laugh together at the unlikely results obtained?

7. Organize a themed party

Choosing not to party in clubs or to participate in organized parties does not mean giving up enjoying a nice party.

You organize it, mimic the one seen in a movie, set up a themed scenario and establish a dress code, choose appropriate music. The result can be surprising (and when the neighbors ask you to turn down the music, invite them to join!).

8. Shoot videos or short films

We are in the social age and we are witnessing the boom of videos, right? Ride the trend and invent original videos or even short films. The strength of the improvisation and the goliardic spirit of the group could have unexpected and funny effects.

The choice is yours whether to make the result public (and perhaps viral)!

9. Making creative projects

Creativity, in a group or even just in two, can be stimulated very easily.

Why not dedicate yourself to creative projects, manuals or artistic composition, taking a cue, for example, from the thousands of cool ideas that you can find on Pinterest?

10. Bring back the old days

Said so it seems to see a meeting of eighty-year-olds who remember the roaring times of their youth… But: none of this! 😉

Remembering anecdotes and experiences – personal or shared with other group members – over a good bottle of wine cements friendship and creates empathy. And it often provides ideas to try again an experience or finally organize what so many times, in the past, one had only dreamed of.

11. Playing with pets


Or how to make dogs happy and annoy cats! 🙂

Involving pets in the house in games, interactions and tenderness is regenerating for you and for them, it helps each other socialize, and makes you feel like children again.

The golden rule: play with respect, always. No forcing, loud noises, or situations that make the furry ones of the house nervous.

12. Organize a mini-golf tournament from home

You know the American cliché of the company director who, instead of working, idles in his opulent office on the 43rd floor of a skyscraper trying to put the ball in the hole? In how many more or less serious films have they served it up?

13. Escape room at home

Do you know what an escape room is?

It is a logic game – generally for 2-6 participants – in which people are ‘locked’ in a room and in a predetermined time must be able to ‘escape’ by solving puzzles, finding codes and exploiting any element found in the environment surrounding.

Normally spending an evening with friends in an escape room means leaving the house and going to a dedicated place (if you type on Google ‘escape room’ you will be amazed at how many places dedicated to this game are being born in your area), but there are two solutions for those who want to stay at home:

  • for game experts, creating an original setting and storyline in a room at home;
  • for the inexperienced or the lazy, you can opt for a board game inspired by the escape rooms.