What To Do To Stay Focused and Entertained

We have collected 10 initiatives to structure your days in a productive and fun way at home, especially during the weekends, which unfortunately will prove to be the most “boring” moments of the week.

Binge watching

The systematic viewing of a television series in a few days or weeks is called “binge watching”. Streaming services like Netflix, Prime Video and Disney + offer great attractions for those who finally have time to catch up on that series that everyone is talking about but never had time to watch.

Working from home

Smart working has now become a common practice for many of us. In 2021 you can also be productive by staying in slippers and working remotely with your PC, communicating at any time with your colleagues or superiors through programs such as Skype, Anydesk or Face Time.

Brush up on a hobby


Pick up that dusty musical instrument in your hand, learn to draw or finally complete the half-forgotten model on the shelf. In a time when staying at home can be alienating, taking up an old hobby or starting a new one can really bring great benefits. Keeping your mind active and trained also allows you not to fall prey to anxieties and worries, which are very easy in this period.

Take an online course

Many professionals, artists and teachers are making their skills available to provide services such as courses, webinars and live streaming to follow in this period of stop. From cooking to music to technology there are many realities that have been using distance learning for months, not just schools!

Creative activities

These days are a good opportunity to “get your hands in the dough” and experiment with creative activities: drawing, modeling with clay, knitting, gardening or building something. If you don’t have children, it doesn’t mean you can’t create anyway! Write down your thoughts, plan a home decor change, or follow an unlikely tutorial on creative recycling .


pasta cooking

Even if it could be included in the category of creative activities, cooking deserves a point all by itself, being the most common activity of our daily life. If during the week many survive thanks to the “schiscette”, that is the lunch brought from home to the office, during these days off you can finally afford a hot and freshly prepared meal, perhaps daring some longer and more elaborate recipe, impossible to prepare with the little time (and little desire) available after a long day of work.


Writing now seems like an activity for a few, especially if done by hand, yet we now write much more than we did 20 years ago: social networks, chats and emails are the everyday life of each of us.

But what if instead of briefly writing small messages we wrote our thoughts? Jotting down your emotions on paper or on a screen is considered therapeutic by many psychologists; a way to rationalize one’s fears and anxieties, especially in days so full of novelty.

Otherwise you could write a letter, be it of love, friendship or hate (the latter without eventually delivering it). Maybe by hand, recovering a habit we are losing.

Read a book

Umberto Eco said that those who read not only live one life, but all those of the protagonists of the books they have loved. We can only agree, advising you to take some time to read something other than the Facebook wall. Take from the shelf that book you bought and never opened, reread a story that thrilled you, get lost along the shelves of a library (they are open!) And let yourself be inspired.

Milan is a city that lives and breathes literature, named by Unesco City of Literature, the first and only in Italy. Let yourself be inspired by the city to discover the literary adventures that took place along its streets becoming “literary tourists” .

Playing sports


The days off work are not an excuse to laze: even with the virus emergency you can practice some physical activity. Doing yoga, going for a run or following a training program: these are the methods to combat boredom and at the same time strengthen the immune system. Bring a mat and sneakers: even if the gyms are closed until further notice, nothing prevents you from training during the day.