Edinburgh Uni Nightlife: Everything You Need To Know

When it comes to university life in the UK, the uni nightlife is renowned and it is the centre of many student’s university life.  Most students will choose a university located in a city that has good nightlife as this is where they can socialise with like-minded people and enjoy themselves in their free time. One of the best cities to be a student in is Edinburgh as it offers an exciting and varied social scene, with hundreds of bars, clubs, cinemas, theatres and music venues throughout the city. Here’s a handy guide to Edinburgh’s uni nightlife because we know you’re itching to know more.

Edinburgh Uni Nightlife And Entertainment

Edinburgh uni nightlife is usually dominated by the ‘big boys’ – bars, nightclubs and dance halls. However, there are other options available to students on campus other than the above-mentioned types of entertainment. There are also small student bars and lounges situated in the proximity of the student’s accommodation that serve a social purpose rather than a nightlife one.

Many students in Edinburgh prefer to live within walking distance of their university. This gives them access to a wealth of bars, nightclubs and restaurants. Some of these places will be very popular with university students but not with students living nearby, as they tend to explore other places as well. This is where the role of the local university stores come in. Retail stores will stock a variety of drinks for students living on campus that prefer to stay in the park for a drink or sometimes have parties in their accommodations.


Students will also party in more mainstream bars such as pubs and nightclubs. These will be frequented by students living on or around campus as well as by university staff and visiting academics. Many of these bars will play loud music that everyone can enjoy as well as serving cocktails to suit everyone’s tastes. However, there will also be less expensive clubs that you can choose from as well as non-alcoholic drinks.

Students who want to party hard all night should consider visiting one of the university’s ‘nightlife hubs’. These are usually bars and nightclubs that are located in some of the outskirt areas. You can expect to pay a lot less money for drinks and entry fees than at more popular bars and nightclubs and you will also have access to a larger selection of music. However, many of these places will also have strict dress codes, age restrictions and various security precautions in place. Most bars and clubs also have strict rules on how much one can drink. Many bars and clubs have strict policies on what they will and won’t serve as well as on the types of drinks they will allow. As a result, it is best to be aware of these policies before entering and consuming any type of alcohol.

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Final Words

University nightlife is exciting, varied and dynamic. It can be an excuse to get together with friends and study more or simply a way for you to party until the early hours of the morning. There is a nightclub in Edinburgh for every taste and budget, so you can live your Edinburgh uni nightlife in any way that suits you. What is important to remember is that Edinburgh uni nightlife involves a lot of dancing to live music or a combination of music and entertainment. It can also mean that dancing is involved but is not the main attraction. Most bars and nightclubs feature several bars and lounge areas where people can relax, dance the night away, talk with friends, and participate in various types of drinking games.