How to Be More Modest

The first step in becoming more modest is recognizing your own superiority. A modest person is aware of their own worth, but they never talk about it until someone brings it up to them. If your daughter or son sees you as modest, she may imitate your example. This way, she will also learn to appreciate herself and others. Modesty is a virtue, but it must be exercised carefully. Too much of any type is dangerous. Modesty is often confused with indecisiveness or lack of confidence. In this article, we will discuss ways to become more humble.


You can increase your self-awareness by analyzing yourself and your behaviour. Ask trusted friends and family members to help you identify your shortcomings and strengths, and then try to be more objective in receiving their feedback. Be sure to be objective, as self-awareness is key to levelling up. In fact, it can even help you become more humble. In the following paragraphs, I’ll give you some tips for self-observation.

First, you can learn to notice when you’re causing social drama. For example, if you’re making friends and family members jealous by constantly telling them that you’re better than them, chances are, you’re contributing to the problem. Secondly, if you’re the one causing the drama, you can intervene and try to bring the conversation back to the positive. And, taking on significant tasks can also help you improve your self-awareness. But always remember that true growth happens only after you’ve taken risks and learned to accept your shortcomings.

Appreciation of Talents

Many people believe that they have talents, but what does that really mean? Talent is a God-given gift. You can use it to achieve success, but only if you nurture it and acknowledge it. The more you appreciate it, the more it will shine and inspire others. But it is not enough to be aware of your talent; you must also be humble and hardworking. Talent can only take you so far, so you must also be passionate about it.

Gratitude is the inner foundation of appreciation. Appreciation of your talents can develop out of this inner foundation. You can express gratitude to yourself and to others by purchasing lunch for them at work or paying them a little extra. Small, but meaningful gestures can make a huge difference in the feelings of appreciation in your employees. If you want to feel proud of your talents, start by appreciating them.