How To Develop Your Creative Skills

Practice Is Key

Creativity is often associated with artists – the dreamy swirls of Van Gogh, the surreal landscapes of Dali – but creative thinking is a crucial part of achieving success in any career. It can help us find new solutions to problems at work and be more empathic in our relationships.

If you want to develop your creativity skills, it’s important to practice regularly. This can be as simple as daydreaming on the bus or keeping a notepad handy for any ideas that come to you. It’s also worth experimenting with different styles, from drawing to writing to music.


One common misapprehension is that you need to be good at drawing or writing in order to be creative. However, the creative thinking skill set is very adaptable and it’s important to experiment with different styles in order to improve.

For example, if you’re a writer, experimenting with writing in first person instead of third can open up new possibilities for how to tell a story. Experimenting with different genres and styles will also break up your routine and help you to develop fresh ideas.

Have confidence

Creativity is a powerful skill that can be beneficial in all aspects of life. However, it can also be a difficult one to develop, especially when we are faced with obstacles.

Some of these obstacles may be psychological and involve anxieties related to performance or results. These fears can lead to self-doubt and a sense of inadequacy, and can stifle creativity.