The Benefit of Wall Coatings in Glasgow & The UK

Wall coatings are a modern alternative to masonry paint and come with many benefits including weather protection, never fade colours and the ability to stop penetrating damp. They also add value to a home.

The top benefit of a good wall coating is that it protects the walls from damage. It prevents issues such as water seepage, ice and cracking.

Protects Your Walls From The Elements

One of the main reasons people invest in a wall coating for their property is that it protects their walls from mould, mildew, weather and other issues which can cause damage to brick and render. This means they can save money on costly repair bills and live a more comfortable lifestyle.

A wall coating acts as a protective layer that stops moisture from penetrating the bricks, or even soaking through to the insulation inside the property. This helps prevent rising dampness and the associated damage to internal decor, furnishings and health.

The superhydrophobic nature of the material also means the coating is self-cleaning and resistant to dirt buildup. This also makes the exterior of your property look better and slower to show signs of wear and tear. This combination of aesthetics and practicality often equates to a healthy return on investment for those who choose a thermal wall coating.

Reduces The Need For Regular Maintenance

Most homeowners will agree that a home’s exterior needs to be maintained on a regular basis. A fresh coat of paint can really brighten up a property and modern wall coatings also allow owners to add their own unique style and taste to their exterior walls.

A tin of normal masonry paint can be bought by anyone, however, an external wall coatings is a specialist product that requires training and specialised equipment to apply. As a result, they are much more expensive than a tin of masonry paint.

Energy-saving thermal wall coatings like StrucSureCoat can last for over 25 years which significantly reduces the need to repaint or touch up – a big saving on maintenance costs. They also adhere to most surfaces, resist cracking and are low V.O.C which is good news for the environment. They also reflect sunlight and UV rays, keeping occupied spaces cool and reducing the need for air conditioning.

Adds Aesthetic Value

Adding an exterior wall coating to your property is a great way to add value. This is because these coatings are available in a wide range of colours and can be used to hide or repair many common problems.

For example, blown rendering, crumbling pebble-dash, discoloured brickwork or hollow areas can be covered by a long-life wall coating to create a clean and modern finish to your home. Similarly, if you have an existing EIFS system, stucco or masonry surface then one of the many Sto textured coatings can be applied to achieve a mottled effect which will instantly increase your property’s value.

These coatings are also highly insulating meaning they reduce heat loss and save on energy costs. Additionally, they’re a very green choice as they help to eliminate the need for paints and other harsh chemicals which are harmful to the environment. Furthermore, these coatings are resistant to the growth of mould and bacteria which is a huge bonus as it prevents health-related issues such as asthma and allergies.

Reduces The Risk Of Damp

Wall coatings provide a robust barrier between the interior of a building and significant levels of moisture that could cause damage. It is a particularly good option for homes located in areas that are frequently affected by dampness.

Bricks are naturally porous and can be susceptible to penetrating damp. This is caused by rain impacting on a building’s walls and soaking in to saturate the brickwork. This can result in bricks becoming damaged and prone to spalling, which in turn weakens the structure of the property.

Damp brickwork is a breeding ground for fungi and bacteria that can release spores, cells and volatile organic compounds into the home. These can affect health and well-being, as well as causing damage to wallpaper, paint and insulation. Damp wall surfaces also accelerate the rusting of wall ties, which can ultimately lead to the structural integrity of the building becoming compromised. A breathable waterproofing masonry treatment like Stormdry can be used to help prevent and protect against penetrating dampness.